2nd album "yellow"

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1. 川
2. あかりが消えたら
3. ことばの旅
4. human nature
5. touch the fire
6. 晴れますように
7. てぃんさぐぬ花
8. my yellow ginger lei
9. つつじ
10. なみだ
11. やさしい光

“blue” に続く色彩3部作第2弾!!ルイ・フィリップ、レイ・カーネ、ケイト・セント・ジョン (ex ドリーム・アカデミー)、ディヴ・グレゴリー (ex xtc)、アラン・クラーク (ex ダイヤー・ストレイツ) など豪華メンバーが大活躍!!世界からyellowのための書き下ろし曲やカバー曲が提供され、世界の40人以上のミュージシャンが参加し、U.K、スウェーデン、ハワイ、香港、東京でレコーディングというインディーズ史上例のない大作!!



When I first thought 'I want to make an album called "blue" and make the image of the colour into sound', the second thing I thought was 'am I going to make only this one colour?'. Soon I decided that it should be "yellow" after "blue". But why "yellow"? There are various reasons, but what I first thought at that moment was that I am a kind of yellow (Asians), and that if you place the second album next to "blue", it would be yellow that complements blue most beautifully. It has given me great pleasure to make a wish come true to include music from our neighboring Asian countries like Hong Kong, Korea and Okinawa on the album. No showy and bright yellow to the core came out. There are more songs with stronger rhythm than on "blue". I hope you enjoy the tone of "yellow" which is a result of collaboration between HaLo and many other artists.


This is HaLo's album #2. recorded between March 2000 and December 2000

all main vocals by ayako

produced by Satoru Fujii (puff up)

recorded by Richard Preston, John Waterhouse, Lau Yee Tat & Satoru Fujii
assisted by Nick Coplowe (Livingston Studios) & Takeshi Huwa (Space Velio)
recorded at Waianae 'Olelo Media Center (Hawai'i, USA), Space Velio (Tokyo, Japan), Duke Joint Studio (Tokyo, Japan), Sound Suite Recording Studio (London, UK), Livingston Studios (London, UK), Saltlake Studio (Saltsjobaden, Sweden), Christ Church Studios (Bristol, UK), Tats Production (Hong Kong, China)

recording coordinate : Kazuyo Uchida (Hong Kong, China)

balanced and mixed by Satoru Fujii at the nightjar studio (London UK) using mobile ProTools
mixing treatment at Duke Joint Studio (Tokyo, Japan)

mastered by Tony Cousins at Metropolis Mastering (London, UK)

ayako is published by BMG Music Publishing

Hideyuki "kegani" Nozawa appears courtesy of VICTOR/TAISHITA
Johan Hedin appears courtesy of Waner Music Sweden

photo by ayako
except the photo of ayako's face by Ai Iwane

art direction by ayako
package directed by Fumio Shiozawa (cutcloud)
logo mark design by TOMKEM
translation by Joey O'Keeffe & ayako
design by Yayoi Nomura for BBQ Graphix
printing by Post inc.

cover jacket patent pending; Appl. No. 2000-302899

music video "river"

Dolly Burt : make-up & chat
Alex Ireson : producer & sandwicher
Tom Peirce : lighting & locations
Craig McCall : director, camera & editor
ayako : hair stylist
Mr Fuji : spiritual guidance